Kayak Tours

Kayak Tours

Bashakill and Newburgh/New Windsor
The tours will consist of equipment, instruction and paddling.  Tours last about two hours.  Bring water to stay hydrated.

(Tours are $50; group discounts available)

Saturday Bannerman Island Tour

We will kayak around Bannerman Island and view the “castle.”  Learn about how a boy and a boat built an arms “empire.”  Find out why the Dutch would leave sailors stranded on the island and how the island, Pollepel, got its name.   This kayak tour on the Hudson is a great way to view a local historical landmark,
Launch from New Windsor.
Sunday Bashakill Bald Eagle Tour

The Bashakill is one of NY’s largest wetland preserves.  We’ll paddle by “Eagle Island” where we can view the resident pair of Bald Eagles’ nest.  With luck we may be able to see the eagles flying, catch a turtle sunning or maybe see a beaver heading to its den.

After the tour we’ll have a free beer/wine tasting at the local organic vineyard.  Bring some picnic food or purchase a catered plate and enjoy the live music.
Launch from the Boat launch  across from the Vineyard.

Bald Eagle catching dinner in the Bashakill. Come on a kayak tour today.


A native to the Bashakill. See them with Hudson Valley Guides. Join us on a kayak tour.                   Join us on a kayak tour

SUNSET/FULL MOON paddle tours. $50.00
Each tour will be TWO HOURS.


The Bashakill is a unique environment.  Bird watchers from around the globe come to see the over 200 species of birds.

We will take a lazy paddle along the routes in the wetlands.

You can reserve our tandem kayak for a parent to take a child ($100)